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“For the past 35 years I have been involved in the financing of real estate development and investments, 20 years of that involved underwriting and lending on large commercial projects all over the United States. The total volume of that lending was close to $8bil, and I had offices in The World Financial Center in New York, 1 Market in San Francisco, Library Tower in LA and Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Needless to say, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working with exceptional mortgage brokers and David Hagele is as good as any of them. I found him to be incredibly honest, straightforward, creative, perceptive, tenacious and hard working. All of these qualities are essential for an elite broker and David Hagele has them all in spades. I highly recommend David and I will be working with him on all my future lending needs.”   Burt Harlan – Brian Arden Wines

“David is great to work with. He adds a lot of value to the financing process by really understanding what his clients are trying to achieve and assisting them in organizing their paperwork when necessary to be prepared. He also has a good understanding of the entire process and is a good facilitator.”  Janet Connors – Senior VP, First Community Bank

“I was given David’s name from a well-respected realtor in Healdsburg. I was in need of someone to help me refi my commercial building in SF, which also happens to house my successful consignment store business. My current interest rate was fairly high and I knew I could save money if I refi’d, but since my loan was also connected to the SBA I knew it would be more complicated than what I was used to. I called David and he was instantly helpful. He cut through the fog quickly for me over the phone and offered excellent advice. After providing him with answers to his questions, he came to the determination that it was best for me to seek a refi with my current lender (due to a punitive pre-penalty payment I did not know I was still obligated to). Even when it was not to his benefit he was looking out for my best interests and  he continued to give me advice when I began the refi process with my current lender! Amazing.”  Kelly Hensley, Owner, Leftovers Home Consignment, San Francisco. 

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